Our goal is to contribute to improvement of maternal and child health in Kenya through health system strengthening initiatives at community and primary care levels. In this regard the University Research Chair Program (URCP) wishes to announce training sponsorship for MMed, MPH, MSc and PhD candidates that will conduct research in the area of MNCH health systems management. The PHd or Master program can be taken in any University.

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MSc and PhD advert


On the weekend of 28th and 29th April, the URCP did a refresher training hosted at Kabula Pastoral Centre. The purpose of the training was for the team and the project staff to interact and review operations, adherance to protocols, shortfalls and recommendations and come up with project operational conclusions as they move forward.

It was also a good morale booster and team building occassion involving the URCP team leaders and the entire staff. Fun moments and Meals were shared

Below are some of the images of taken at Kabula Pastoral centre

Team Photo

At entrance of the Centre

Some of the Staff members

Kabula Pastoral Centre


EXTERNAL TRAINING- Developing Capacity

The first training in "Developing capacity for Health Systems research in Reproductive and Child Health at county level", was on held on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd July 2017. It was held at the Riley Mother and Baby Hospital at M.T.R.H - Eldoret. Various participants from public, private and faith based organizations attended. The following are links to specific details on the training.

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application form

To view the 1st training advertisement held in July 2017, click here

Nacosti Training 1

To view the Report produced after the Module 1 training,click here

Report after the Training

Below are some of pictures taken during the visit

Prof. Nangami's session

Participants in class

Training on going

Group photo

Prof. Esamai's Session

Certificate presentation

Video projection session

Certificate presentation

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